Miles Spencer is a Rock Fusion Guitarist originally from the San Francisco South Bay Area.
Miles' first Album, "Essence Of The Universe" was recorded from 1988-1992 . " Essence Of The Universe " is an awesome set of recordings. It has several beautiful acoustic songs as well as several songs like "Suit Your Groove " that were the beginnings of Miles cultivating his Rock Fusion style of playing. This Album features Miles Spencer on Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Vocals. Featured Guest Musicians are Charles Fletcher on Bass Guitar, Diesel Tucker on Drums and additional percussion, Rich Manik on Saxophones, and Karen Bonowitz on Backing Vocals. Original release through Rock Fusion Records, 1993, second release through Rock Fusion Records, 2009.

Miles second Album "Smoke And Mirrors” was recorded at Bad One Studios from 2002 - 2003. " Smoke And Mirrors" is a decadent and abrasive Album inspired by a very dark period of life in New York City. It is explicit, rough around the edges and captured the essence of a very, very wild time of life. Released by Rock Fusion Records, 2008.

Miles' third Album “Feel” was created at Bad One Studios, Staten Island, New York in 2004 - 2006. " FEEL " was releasedin 2005.

Miles' fourth Album “ ZOOT ! “ was recorded at Bad One Studios, Staten Island, New York from 2007 - 2009. 
In 2010, Miles recorded his single “Cold”. “ Cold “ features Miles Spencer on Electric6 and 12 String Guitars, Vocals and the Heil Talk Box. “Cold” was released by Rock Fusion Records, 2011. "ZOOTV!Vwasreleqsed in 2009.

Zombie Apocalypse Party was written and recorded from July 2014 'til January 2015 at Miles' home studio. This is a really fun song ! Definite B-movie quality production. Not unlike most of the classic Zombie movies ( the better ones at least ) , this song was very much made on the fly and captured the humor, macabre and sense of imminent doom that was intended.